A little blurb about a little plugin

Over the past couple of years we've all found new ways of working and adapted to how a pandemic has changed work forever. Whether we're working from home, in the office or a beach bar in Bali, staying collaborative is ever more crucial for companies to innovate.

One of the issues I faced was facilitating workshops remotely. Suddenly, all your colleagues have immediate access to countless distractions and notifications whilst you're trying to ensure a collaborative environment. It highlighted how important it was to make workshops engaging and and just a little more fun.

Crazy 8's work fantastically in the office, but there's some friction in doing them remotely. There's a sticking point which leads to about 10 minutes of silently wasted time as everyone attempts to move their sketches from paper to a digital whiteboard. Images end up sent over Slack, Whatsapp, Email, Airdrop, Email, you name it, I've seen it all. And to go back to my point about keeping workshops engaging, I felt that this step disrupted the energy and momentum of Crazy 8's (a workshop intended to be fast-paced and creative). After talking with my peers, I soon realised this was a problem they were facing too.

So I did what most designers do. Fix it (or at-least attempt to) Figcam is a Figma plugin that generates QR codes for participants to scan and take photos which immediately get imported into the canvas.

I hope you enjoy using Figcam as much as my team do, and if you do, feel free to tweet or donate to support the project.